The Salon and Spa Institute - Gilbert, AZ
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What's Your Mask? 

We've all worn one, two, many at some point... We wore them years ago, yesterday, today, and most likely we'll put one on again in the morning. They've been our security, our hide-away, our protection, our deflection, our mis-representation of our true Authentic Self! The masks have compromised our ability to show-up in this world the way we were intended to show-up. They've cheapened our experiences, our relationships, our self-concept, our opportunity to serve others at great capacity. They've been creating an internal conflict and an incongruency of our true self.

We've created our own masks through past experiences and conditioning... No mask was created by accident. Our masks have stories. Our masks have feelings, emotions, some of which are very very raw.
We placed on masks on during difficult times, during challenges, during situations, during moments of low self-worth, during the hardest moments of our lives.

Our masks got us through, but not past the areas of which we need to do some self-reflection, self-awareness, self-acceptance...
It's time to start identifying the masks, understanding what purpose they served, and making the decision to start removing them so you can start to reveal the real you.

Your TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF is fighting to be seen, to be heard, to be understood, to be loved, to be valued, to be YOU.

Are you ready to break free? To live a life of congruency? To walk into the room, regardless of who's in it, and show-up as the real YOU?

Join us on  New date coming soon ... for a Complimentary, Real-Time Live Conversation with Kimberly and others to discuss.....


INTRO TO OUR 90-DAY COACHING PROGRAM: What's All The Buzz Around 90-Day Coaching? Join us for a brief 20-minute call and find out if the 90-Day Coaching Program is right for you and discover why you should join. This program continues to create record income for those that fully participate in the program. Our 90-Day Coaching Members are making back their entire 3 month investment in the first 30-Days of the program!

If you're ready to tap into your Authentic Genius, start creating more profitable, sustainable, and record setting income, and you're ready to be the leader you need to be... You've got to jump of this call! It's Complimentary!

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Get Ready For A 2-Day Event That Will SHIFT Your Business In A BIG Way!! 
Payment options available, please phone us directly at 888-709-9342
Whether You're A Salon/Spa Owner, An Employee or An Independent Booth Renter or Studio Owner... This Education Is A Must If You're Wanting To Grow Your Business, Create Higher Profits Margins, And Feel MORE Authentically YOU In The Process!! This program is the perfect blend of Personal Development and Business Skill Set and Strategy.

What To Expect During This 2-Day Event

Day 1:

*You'll Be Given A Proven Formula To Dramatically Increase Your Service & Retail Dollars Through Your Authentic Brilliance

*You'll Tap Into The Powerful Leader Inside Of You That's Been Hiding

*You'll Discover Why You Must BE YOU In Order To Have Sustainable Success

*You'll Have Greater Understanding As To Why You're Feeling Stuck & How To Propel Yourself Quickly.

*You'll Walk Away From The Program Feeling More Empowered, More Inspired, And More Clear So You Can Create The Results You So Badly Desire.

It's ALL about Business on Day 2:

You'll Be Sitting Boardroom Style, Dissecting Your Numbers and Applying Immediate Growth Strategies. This is an incredible day of taking everything from Day 1 and propelling your forward into the FUTURE!

You'll Also Be Learning How To:

*Learn to LEAD your organization from a Mission, Culture, and Purpose Driven mindset.

*Increase your Principle-Based Profits for sustainability in the marketplace.

*Discover WHY you must go from Good To Great NOW.

* Be read to dive deep into your current numbers and discover immediate opportunities.

* Experience real-time application of new business strategies and see results happen right before your eyes.

Please bring your laptop, Ipad, or whatever is best for you to access your numbers.
If you’re STUCK, feeling a lack of motivation, tired of settling for the status-quo, wanting to significantly increase your income, frustrated with your results... You’ve got to get to the 3-Day Mastery Retreat! This program is changing lives of Salon & Spa Professionals across the country.

We continuously receive letters and phone calls from participants, beyond excited to tell me that they are having historical increases in their numbers, expanding their Salons, hiring additional talent like never before, healthier relationships, improved physical health, confidence levels soaring, plus so many more cool stories. Will your story be next?

If you’re serious about changing your Salon & Spa Business & changing your life… You’ve got to get to this program!

(Because of the nature of this program and the intense transformation work we do; this program is capped at 16 participants per program.)


June 24-25, 2018

July 22-23, 2018

​July 29-30, 2018

August 5-6, 2018

August 12-13, 2018

August 19-20, 2018

September 16-17, 2018 

September 30 - Oct. 1, 2018

November 4-5, 2018

January 20-21, 2019

February 10-11, 2019

February 17-18, 2019
Program Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Investment: $350 

**GUARANTEE:  All of our education is guaranteed to give you results. If you fully participate during our program and you don't make back a minimum of twice your registration fee within 30 days following the event, we will work with you at no additional charge until you do. That's because those that attend and participate, have massive changes in their results. All we ask of you, is to show-up, have fun, and 100% participate in the program in order for us to honor our promise and guarantee. There's virtually no risk to you, just reward!**
** Venue details will be sent upon completed registration.

REGISTER NOW or call us at 888-709-9342!!!

Denver, CO

Scottsdale, AZ

San Diego, CA​

Springfield, MO

Sacramento, CA

Boise, ID

Cincinnati, OH

Lebanon, TN

Tampa, FL

Tulsa, OK

Wichita, KS

St. Cloud, MN
*The Salon and Spa Institute has a no refund policy. Registrants will be issued a house credit to be used towards a future program up to one year.
*The Salon and Spa Institute has a no refund policy. Registrants will be issued a house credit to be used towards a future program up to one year.
July 14-17, 2018 | Scottsdale, AZ  (2 spots open)

October 6-9, 2018 | Scottsdale, AZ  (12 spots open)

Program Begins at 12:00 pm on Saturday and concludes at 4:00 pm on Tuesday. Immediately followed by a cocktail reception and celebration. You do have the option to stay an additional night to celebrate with the other attendees for a small fee of $75 which includes food, beverage and accommodations after program concludes.

*Investment: $2495.00 (ALL-INCLUSIVE. You are responsible for your airfare, we will handle everything else.)
TRIFECTA - THE THINK TANK (For Business Trifecta Grads Only)
​date coming soon...

Join Us For This Exclusive One-Day Event Where We Inject What You Learned At Business Trifecta Program With More Strategy, More Road Mapping, and More Intentional Action.  

Program Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Investment: $177